An initiative lead by Engr. Ali Shehab the head of Biomedical Engineering sector to Kuwait Society of Engineers to design and build a face-shield. Kuwait Society of Engineers accepted the initiative and asked Dr. Ebraheem Sultan to manage the production line. Mr. Wael Alkhars, Dr. Reem Al-Asousi, Mrs Foutoh Albaseer, Hoshan company, and Mr. Basam Al-Asousi should also be given limited credit for this initiative.


The initial design resulted in producing Face-Shield Model HOPE-01 where sewing machine were used. This model was submitted for evaluation through the infection disease department in the Ministry of Health and was given certain instruction to modify it for the purpose of medical consumable accreditation. The second model (HOPE-02) were submitted again on the 22nd of April 2020 with modification and got the approval to be used in all Kuwaiti Hospitals.


Dr. Sultan established a campaign under the name of “Kuwait HOPE” with number of founders to take over the management of designing and producing a new Face-Shield. “Kuwait Hope” created a small manufactory in KSE building and started the production of the medical Face-Shield.


The second model (HOPE-02) designed by Kuwait HOPE were used for the Kuwait Society of Engineering with their logo engraved on top and a total of 35K item were produced in the small manufactory that was designed by Kuwait HOPE. A total of 60 volunteers working on three shifts (each shift if 3 hour long) with different assembly lines must be given credit for this mass production.

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